Who is Vineyard Rhymes?

by Anonymous
Two words are floating through the classroom, the quad, the dorms, and what seems like the whole campus – Vineyard Rhymes. All over campus the buzz is heard, “Who is Vineyard Rhymes?” 
The answer is simple. He is a student of our very own school the name Sam Levin. Vineyard Rhymes has prompted what seems like a movement. A movement he claims the “Vineyard Rhymes Movement” or #VRM, which is now trending on Facebook and Twitter heavily.  Ever since he started releasing his songs off Facebook and SoundCloud other students have decided to pursue their own musical endeavors: Young Busted (Jackson Tucker ’14), Burr (Bear Brink ’14), Sauceboy (Nick Santoro ‘13), and G-saggs (Griffyn Martin ‘13). What makes Vineyard Rhymes different is that he does not rap about what modern day rappers rap about. Instead of defaming women and using profane language, Vineyard Rhymes raps about daily life at prep school and other leisure topics. It all started when he was bored on a Sunday taking a break from homework and he released a freestyle onto SoundCloud which over 900 people have since enjoyed. In the week since Vineyard Rhymes has released his first song, “Rolling” he has released another track, “Russo Real” which is, he claims, his best yet. His songs now have over 1,000 listens and 30 downloads.
Promptly after discovering the interest in his music, Vineyard Rhymes decided to start the Rap Club. About 30 minutes after he sent out the email for the Rap Club, almost 10 people responded. The only problem is, he hasn’t yet found a teacher to help run the club. If you are interested in joining the Rap Club know this; it is not for serious rappers or anything like that. It is for kids that have fun rapping, expressing themselves through music, or making music/beats.
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3 responses to “Who is Vineyard Rhymes?

  1. anon

    love this! He’s great!

  2. Anonymous

    He has sadly retired.

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