The Mythical Winged Beaver Explained

by Nate Usich ’13
Widely considered an odd mascot, the winged beaver is seen around much of the Avon campus. He, and it is almost undoubtedly a he, lies proudly on the school seal. He stands erect above the headmasters house. He appears at all the football games. He is portrayed as a fierce creature on the varsity hockey jerseys. He is a clear symbol of AOF. But what exactly does this legendary creature symbolize? How did such an idea come about? This reporter met with Mr. Custer to find out the answers.

It all began in the mind of our founder, Theadate Pope Riddle. The beaver, indigenous to this area, was a clear choice to represent the school she imagined. It was determined, motivated, and persevered (hence the preserviando in the school motto). But she obviously felt something was missing. So with the possible inspiration from eagle dormitory, and the less appealing but still prevalent pelican dormitory, she added on the necessary wings onto the beaver. The wings of the eagle (or pelican) symbolized the aspiration of ones self to soar. This is where the Aspirando comes from. So why choose those two creatures and put them together to create  the most feared creature in history?

The idea that these creatures were meant to portray was easily related to the life of the Avonian. To fly above the average potential and to persevere in every day life is related to anything from sports to clubs to academics. The Winged Beaver’s uniqueness can also be related to this school. If you go around the country and even around the world, you will not find many schools that look and feel like Avon. And the other obvious copies of this great place have Doors to represent them. Very unique. But the Winged beaver of this school is a unique symbol that has a rich history with an even more meaningful message. And sometimes… at the crack of dawn in the cool winter mornings, you can see it flying across the horizon.
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3 responses to “The Mythical Winged Beaver Explained

  1. Nancy Usich

    Of course I am a bit biased but I so very much enjoyed the explanation of the fierce creature on the hockey jerseys. No one EVER TOLD ME!

    Well done, nate!
    Nancy “Nanny” Usich

  2. Verne-Marie Kozak

    I too am glad to have an explanation of this unique mascot which is apropos for a unique school. I suspect there is a bit of folklore in the history behind its creation but love it all the more!

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