Valentine’s Day at Avon: Pretty Bromantic if You Ask Me

by Anonymous

Now I know Valentine’s Day was on a Tuesday this year, and being surrounded by all dudes, I really didn’t expect much out of it.  However, after scrolling through my newsfeed on Twitter and Facebook, and various other social media, I couldn’t help but notice the mixed emotions people have towards Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day, like many other holidays, has turned materialistic and lacks substance. Buying roses, teddy bears and a card for that special girl can really make love feel like a sort of transaction. Some people refer to Valentine’s Day as “Single’s Awareness Day” and “pointless,” but the question is do we drink the kool-aid?
Do we involve ourselves in this cliché activities of buying flowers and chocolates? Should we forget to do that and hurt the girl? Do women expect this stuff?  While we make think it’s over-rated, it never hurts to give a girl what they want, attention.
Some singles tweeted “#loveisntreal” or “#singlegirlproblems,” and I couldn’t help but shake my head.  While you see these singles posting bitterness, you also see what the couples post. Girls posted pictures of the flowers and chocolates that their Prince Charming got them.  I even saw a video of this kid from my town waiting with a rose in hand, and when his girlfriend walked in, he asked her to Prom.  I’m guessing he then bought her an over-priced dinner and then took her to see “The Vow,” which sounds just peachy.
Boy’s we’re not missing much.  We’re pretty lucky not having girls dragging us around, begging us to eat lunch with them in the “cafeteria” every day and to help them “study” for their math test.
Some people are very bitter towards Valentine’s Day for various reasons, it’s understandable; sometimes Cupid only shoots an arrow at one party.  You would figure that in going to an all-guys school you wouldn’t see the couples, but surprisingly enough, it happens.  It’s inevitable.  It’s when you walk into a buddy’s room and they’re on Skype with their headphones in and say, “One second babe, what’s up man?” Most guys would look at this situation and feel depressed or alone. However, friendly affection can still be found at an all-male boarding school.
Thankfully, we don’t see much of couples during the week, but, there are some pretty serious and heated bromances here, giving each other candy hearts that say “Sweet, dude” “You’re the Man” and “You Need to Shave, Stud ;)” for Valentine’s Day.  If only we had those beautiful Swedish students back for just one more day, these bromances wouldn’t have to get so serious.  It happens when we don’t even know it, movies Saturday night? That’s a date. Dining at Five Guys? Date. Picking out food and movies at WalMart? Date. Going to the West Farms Mall together? Date. It seems these bromances at Avon are unavoidable, but do we care? No.
In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is not just a “Hallmark Holiday,” it’s a day to express love in any form.  It could be to a family member, a bro, a girl, or even your favorite faculty member. Valentine’s Day should not be looked upon with the bitterness of not having someone special nor as over-rated and stupid, but rather a chance to recognize the people you already have.

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