What I’m Listening To- “Hello Nasty” by Beastie Boys

by Dylan Laviana ’14


Hello Nasty is the fifth studio album by the popular rap/hip hop group the Beastie Boys. It is a very interesting album in the way that it flows. It’s not just 22 songs of white guys rapping about themselves; there are several tracks of primarily instrumental or electronic beats. It features three of the Beastie Boys’ most widely known songs, “Intergalactic,” “Body Movin’,” and “Three MC’s and One DJ.” As I mentioned before, the flow of the album works in a way that it shouldn’t. Despite the constant change in sounds and styles of each song, the album just seems to fit together like the pieces to a musical puzzle. This puzzle-like quality is in part thanks to the various intros and outros that accompany most every one of the songs. They may not have a lot to do with the songs they are introducing or following, but they really help the album move along. The last aspect I like about this album and the Beastie Boys in general is the self allusions inside all of their albums. Every once in a while, in their various lines, you can hear references to other lines from past songs, the album name, and in this album even the album art itself. Hello Nasty is a truly amazing and interesting album and deserves every listen it can get.

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