Technology Review: Blue Snowball Microphone

by Ted Smith ’14Image

The Blue Snowball Microphone is a somewhat unique orb shaped microphone. The standard model starts at $99.99 while there is a cheaper model that I have not used. The Snowball comes in a variety of colors, all of which look good and the orb shape is both practical and attractive. The microphone produces strong audio quality, especially for its price, which is less than most microphones of this quality. The price is the main selling point of this microphone because with its three recording modes allows you to record a range of different things with studio precision that would usually require more equipment. The first mode is a standard mode for recording in normal conditions, the second mode turns down the microphone volume for if you are closer to the microphone and the third mode turns on a second microphone on the back of the Snowball. This second microphone allows you to record a whole room or a conversation and is perfect for podcasting. The only complaint that I’ve heard is that the lack of stereo recording takes away from the third option but in all honesty it never really bothered me and though it would be nice its not really necessary. The Blue Snowball Microphone delivers where it needs to and is perfect for recording studio quality audio for music or podcasting. I would not recommend buying it for just Skype or video chatting because the quality isn’t necessary for things like that. In saying this though, if you really want high quality audio you can’t go wrong with the Snowball microphone, it delivers on a level that is above what you are paying for and the support on their website is great if you need it, though you probably won’t because it’s a simple USB plug in. I recommend buying this on where you can get the microphone packaged with stands, headphones and other useful tools at what is usually a great discount. The Snowball is a strong audio recording product and I recommend it for anyone in need of a high quality recording device.

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